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We provide individual door to door services, by reservation. Please reserve at least 24hrs in advance. We do our best to scedule last minute reservations when available. Our Vehicles and drivers are fully licensed and insured. Reservations are available 7 days from 9a-9p.

When reserving a pick-up from Detroit Metropolitan Airport, your driver tracks your in-coming flight, and meets you in the luggage claim area. He or she will be holding a sign with your name on it. All drivers wait in an area the Airport designates as Pre-arranged Transportation.

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  Travel Tips

Travel Tips & Securty Information  ::  Overview

Since September 11, 2001 many changes have been made to operational and security procedures at all U.S. airports. While these changes have made air travel safer than ever before, passengers should be prepared for longer lines and potential delays at airline ticket counters and security screening checkpoints. The following travel tips should help travelers.
Travel Tips

CONFIRM FLIGHT SCHEDULES FIRST: Passengers should check with their airline reservation centers on the web or through their airline toll free phone lines to confirm flight schedules. Airline “800” numbers and website links are available on the airport's website at

ARRIVE EARLY: New security procedures may cause delays at the airline ticket counters and passenger screening checkpoints. Check with your airline for specific recommendations on how early to arrive at the airport. You may want to plan on arriving at DTW at least two to three hours before scheduled departure times, to allow ample time for parking, check-in and passenger screening.

PARKING TIPS: Travelers can call the airport's 24-hour parking hotline (800-642-1978) to determine parking status. The hotline is staffed around-the-clock and provides up-to-the minute parking information at the airport. Upon entering the airport, motorists can check DTW's variable message sign. The electronic sign displays current parking conditions.

CURBSIDE CHECK-IN: Curbside check-in is operating for most airline carriers. Terminal curb fronts are open, but reserved for active loading and unloading of passengers only. Unattended vehicles at the curb fronts are prohibited, and may be ticketed and towed.

LUGGAGE: Luggage ID tags should be filled out, both on the inside and outside of bags, before arrival to the airport. Passengers are allowed one carry-on bag. Remember to pack valuables such as jewelry, cameras, medication, passports, and money in carry-on luggage. All carry-on luggage is subject to search at the passenger screening checkpoints.

  • Locking Checked Luggage – In some cases, TSA screeners will have to open luggage as part of the screening process. If the luggage is locked with a device other than those that are TSA "accepted and recognized", the lock may have to be broken. TSA is not liable for damage caused to locked bags that must be opened for security purposes.

    TSA "accepted and recognized" locks can be opened by TSA personnel using tools provided to the TSA by the luggage industry members, Travel Sentry and Safe Skies. For more information on purchasing these special locks click
  • Wrapped gifts may be opened by security, causing further delays and disappointments for yourself and other passengers. Plan on wrapping gifts after you arrive at your destination.

  • Do not leave luggage unattended. For easy identification, tie a bright ribbon around the handle of the luggage. Remove hooks, straps and removable wheels before checking luggage to avoid damage to your bags.
  • MEETERS & GREETERS: Since only ticketed passengers are permitted beyond passenger screening checkpoints, meeters and greeters are encouraged to identify a meeting place beforehand with their party. Suggested meeting places are the airline baggage claim areas, ticket lobbies or parking areas.

    PICKING UP PASSENGERS: Federal rules now require that curb fronts be used for active loading and unloading only. Unattended vehicles parked at the curb front are automatically considered suspicious. Airport police may have no choice but to tow vehicles that are left unattended at the curb front. If you are picking up someone at the curb front, the best thing to do is to use short-term parking until your party is ready to exit the building with their luggage; then bring your vehicle around to pick them up at the curb.

    TRAVELING WITH PETS: Click here for seven steps to success when traveling with your pet.
     Security Information

    PASSENGER SCREENING CHECKPOINTS: Passengers may on occasion experience long lines at the security checkpoints due to enhanced screening procedures. These lines vary according to the time of day. Check with your airline for specific recommendations on how early to arrive for your flight. To view DTW's average security wait times, visit www.tsa.gov and reference the table above.

    ONLY TICKETED PASSENGERS: will be allowed through the passenger screening checkpoints. Passengers 18 years of age and older should be prepared to present a valid photo ID (such as a driver's license or passport) along with their ticket at the checkpoints and ticket counters. Special arrangements for passenger assistance can be made through the airlines.

    CARRY-ON ITEMS: The Transportation Security Administration has limited passengers to one carry-on item. By minimizing carry-on luggage, travelers can reduce their time spent at passenger screening checkpoints.

    PROHIBITED ITEMS: Any items that can be construed as weapons (such as scissors, knives, small pocketknives, razor blades, needles, etc.) are prohibited beyond passenger screening checkpoints. Individuals who attempt to carry such items through security may be prosecuted for a misdemeanor offense, punishable by imprisonment of not more than one year, or a fine of not more than $1,000, or both.

    MEDICAL SUPPLIES: Travelers with supplies for medical conditions should be prepared to justify the need for such items with a prescription and/or letter from their physician.

    MORE INFORMATION: For more details regarding prohibited items and safety tips, visit the Transportation Security Administration website at www.tsa.gov or www.tsatraveltips.us

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